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She Is!
A Storytelling
Writing Retreat

Register for Center for Safety & Change's first She Is! Storytelling Writing Retreat.


This retreat will give participants space to create, heal, be in community and learn the arts of storytelling.

She Is!

A Storytelling Writing Retreat


She Is! - A writing retreat tailored for self-identified women who are survivors, this retreat will provide a supportive and empowering environment for healing through creative expression. This retreat aims to create a safe space where participants can share their stories, explore their emotions, and find strength in their resilience. Through various writing exercises, workshops, and guided discussions, attendees can harness the therapeutic power of writing to process their experiences, connect with others who have faced similar challenges, and foster a sense of community. This retreat not only nurtures individual healing but also encourages a collective narrative that breaks the silence surrounding these issues, fostering empowerment and solidarity among us.

2025 Dates Forthcoming

Registration Fee: $525

Accommodations: All retreat guests will be staying at the Allison House, which is on the grounds of the Stony Point Conference Center.  Attendees will be paired to two (2) per room (all rooms are double occupancy) and their are two (2) shared baths. All dining accommodations are included in the registration fee. Attendees are welcome to bring additional food/beverages for in house consumption. Further details about accommodations will be provided in your She Is! Writing Retreat Welcome Packet upon registration.

Register Today!

Limited Availability


Image by Yannick Pulver

Thank you for registering! We are excited about you joining us for the first ever She Is! Writing Retreat. You will receive a welcome email momentarily from Center for Safety & Change.

We have reached capacity for the retreat. Please email us your information and we will put you on the wait list in the event someone drops out. Please email:

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